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ParliamentThe Hungarian Parliament in Budapest, the place of the National Assembly of Hungary is a part of the World Heritage. It is located on the Pest side, on the bank of the river Danube. The Parliament was built in Gothic Revival style and is one of the highest buildings in the city. If you are in Hungary, you mustn’t miss this beautiful, richly-decorated building!

Fishermen’s Bastion

Fishermen`s BastionThe Fishermen’s Bastion is built on the wall of the Buda Castle. Its seven towers symbolize the seven leaders of the seven founder Hungarian tribes. Between the towers there are marblecstairs. In the inner courtyard is the statue of the first Hungarian king, Stephen I. standing and at its foot the statues of János Hunyadi and Saint George.


Buda Castle district and the Royal Palace

The Royal PalaceThe Buda Castle has been part of UNESCO World Heritage since 1987 . The Royal Palace of Buda is located on the top of the Castle Hill, in the Buda Castle district, which is well known for its beautiful baroque architecture. The Royal Palace was constantly under construction from the 13th century  and was the seat of many kings in the last 700 years of the Hungarian history. Today, this amazing building is home to some of the most famous Hungarian museums, like the Hungarian National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum. The miraculous Buda Castle itself, the museums, the old, fascinating houses in the little streets of the Castle Hill and the beautiful panoramic view on the Pest side and the Danube, make this place for tourists and hikers an unforgettable experience.

Heroes’ Square

Heroes SquareHeroes’ Square is one of the largest squares in Hungary. In the middle of the square is the Millennium Memorial, which commemorates the 7 leaders of the Hungarian tribes, who conquered the territory of Hungary at the end of the 9th century. There are also other statues to see with other important Hungarian historical personalities. Heroes’ Square (in Hungarian: ‘Hősök tere’) is easily accessible by public transportation, because it is a station of the subway M1.

Vörösmarty Square

Vörösmarty SquareThe Vörösmarty Square is a nice, small square in the heart of Budapest, located at the end of Váci Street. It is named after the famous Hungarian poet, Mihály Vörösmarty, whose statue is in the middle of the square. Behind the statue there is a fountain with lions and a small park. The luxury Gerbeaud café , with its famous cakes ( cake “Gerbeaud”), tasty meals in the restaurant and all kinds of quality beers in their beerhouse is located on the Vörömarty square. The popular Budapest Christmas Market will be organi zed every year on this square, beginning from November till New Years’ Eve. The guests can buy on this event high-quality folk arts and handicrafts and they can try the traditional Hungarian foods and drinks, like grilled sausages, fried dough, mouthwatering honey cakes and the hot wine. The guests are entertained during the whole day by different shows, traditional choirs.

Gerbeaud Café and confectioneries in Budapest

Vörösmarty square, Gerbeaud CaféThe luxury Gerbeaud Café is located on the Vörösmarty square, in the centre of Budapest, which is a station of the subway 1. It is one of the most famous traditional confectioneries in Europe. It is already a pleasure to sit in the beautiful renovated, old building and the cakes (Gerbeaud cake) will provide you a real gastronomic experience. Gerbeaud has also a restaurant with the best Hungarian and international meals and a beer house with beers of the highest quality from all over the world. Hauer is a classic confectionery in a nice building, with tasty cakes and ice creams. It is a perfect place for events and excursions with its meeting rooms . Ruszwurm Confectionery is located in the beautiful, historical Buda Castle Hill. It is a very good choice if you would like to try any traditional Hungarian or international flavors of sweets, ice cream or coffee.

Váci Street

Váci streetVáci Street, located in the city centre, is one of the most bustling streets in Budapest. It is a very popular shopping street, with boutiques, offering a wide range of worldwide famous brands and a lot of fine dining opportunities.

Margaret Island

Margaret IslandMargaret Island is a very popular place for trips in Budapest. If you would like to spend your free-time in the open air, you can go there to rent a bike, a pedal-car or just to walk on the promenades of the island or just to sit on a bench on the bank of the Danube. It is located between two bridges, the Margaret bridge and the Árpád bridge, so it is easily accessible from all parts of Budapest by public transportation; which is recommended, because car traffic is not allowed in the area of the island.

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