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Museums in Budapest

Hungarian National Museum

Hungarian National MuseumThe fascinating building of the Hungarian National Museum itself already deserves a stop, but it is also an important point in the Hungarian history, it was an important station of the Hungarian War of Independence, 1848. In the amazing interior of the museum you can follow all steps of the Hungarian history, from the early beginning, until nowadays.

Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine ArtsThe Museum of Fine Arts is to find directly in front of the Art Hall, on the left side of Heroes’ Square. You can enjoy a lot of permanent exhibitions here, e.g. the Antique collection, Egyptian collection, Antique picture gallery, Antique sculpture collection, the Modern collection and a lot of others.

Palace of Arts

The Palace of ArtsThe Palace of Arts was opened 2005. This is the only cultural complex in Middle-Europe, which presents great artists from the whole world, equipped with the latest technological solutions. The Palace of Arts regularly presents classical music, opera, theatre, world music, jazz, popular music programs, but also different family and youth events and fine arts exhibitions.

Hungarian National Gallery

Hungarian National GalleryThe Hungarian National Gallery is located in the Royal Palace of Buda, and it presents the biggest collection of the Hungarian fine arts, covering all the periods in history. The permanent exhibitions are: Paintings from the 19th century, Late Renaissance and Baroque art, Sculptures from the 17th century, Late Gothic winged altarpieces, The art of Mihály Munkácsy and László Paál, 20th century art up to 1945, 20th century art after 1945 and others.

Museum of Contemporary Arts

Ludwig MuseumThe Ludwig Museum is the only large exhibition of contemporary art in Hungary, which presents the artworks of Hungarian and international artists, like Picasso, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Chuck Close or Tatjana Nazarenko and many others.

Budapest History Museum

The Royal PalaceThe Budapest History Museum, located in the Royal Palace of Buda covers the last more than hundred years of development of the Hungarian capitol. The permanent exhibitions of the museum are: Budapest in the Middle Ages, Archeological excavations in Budapest and Masterpieces from the Middle Ages of Buda and Gothic sculptures from the 18th century.

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