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Budapest • Hungary
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Night life in Budapest


A bohemian place, in an old, ruined house, where artists, foreigners and Hungarian students meet. The old house, the antique furniture, the terrace and all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks make this place so special.

West Balkán

West Balkán is located in the centre of Budapest, it is one of the most popular ruin-pubs in the capitol. It has an indoor area and also an outside beer garden, but you can also go down in the basement to dance and listen to alternative and electronic music.

Hajógyári Island and the trendy clubs in Budapest

Hajógyári is an island of the Danube. Here you can find several quality places, they are the most trendy places in the city. You can eat, dance, drink and enjoy the most popular hits of our days. These clubs are: Bed Beach, Mokka Cukka and Dokk Beach. Other very popular open-air places are Buddha Beach at the Liberty Bridge and Café del Rio at the Petőfi Bridge, both at the Bank of the Danube. If the weather is not that nice, you can choose several popular indoor-clubs, like Buddha Inside at the Liberty Bridge and Cuba Libre and Jam Pub in the Mammut Shopping Mall in Buda.

Zöld Pardon

Zöld Pardon (“Green Pardon”) is a very popular outdoor-club at the Buda side of the Petőfi Bridge. The entrance fee is just a symbolic amount (less than a half Euro in Forint), and you can listen to pop, rock and electronic music concerts every night in the summertime. After the concert you can choose one of the two dance floors of the club, and dance through the whole night.

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